Order Hand Sanitizer Today

Whether it’s for a hospital, an office, a school with lots of germs, or even the school bus that the kids ride to get there, its nice to have hand sanitizer available whenever you need it.

This isn’t your ordinary corner store sanitizer. First of all, its 12 ounces, it has a flip top, and you have to cup your hand to get the water to stay while you close the bottle. Then you rub it into your hands and you can smell the alcohol, kids should use it too. Even though its a little bit of a nuisance to use, it cleans your hands of all the things you’ve touched throughout the day, especially with the urge to touch your face. As of right now the stock is as much as you want, so take care of your needs while you can.

Industrial Hard Sided Cooler

The Chill-Its 5171 Industrial Hard-Sided Cooler is a durable jobsite cooler that keeps food/drinks cold for up to 30 hours. This industrial cooler features a 48-quart (45 L) main compartment, a separate/removable interior plastic container for dry items, an exterior bottle opener, and two durable carrying handles. This cooler can hold 72 cans or 40 […]

Moldex Solutions for New Silica Standard

In most cases, Moldex half mask N95 respirators (disposable or reusable) may be used, in conjunction with the other elements of a comprehensive compliance program. Learn more and request samples of Moldex products at the link below. Qualified end users can try Moldex products for free! Please also see CAL/OSHA RESPIRABLE CRYSTALLINE SILICA STANDARD FOR […]