Jorgensen van
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Portable Fire Extinguishers are the
“First Line of Defense”

With a fleet of fully equipped service vehicles and six local offices throughout California’s Central Valley, we provide sales, installation, and both routine maintenance and rapid response service of your portable fire extinguishers whether a small office, a large manufacturing facility, or a multiple site corporation. All service is performed per local, State, and Federal codes and regulations. Our trained and certified service professionals can survey your facilities’ fire protection requirements and determine your needs. As members of NAFED and CALSAFE, our technicians are always well trained and informed of current fire protection requirements and recommendations.

Fire Sprinkler Services

Full program of fire sprinkler service, maintenance and repairs including:

  • Quarterly inspections with report.
  • Annual maintenance with report & riser certification label
  • Three year maintenance with report & riser certification label
  • Five year maintenance with report & riser certification label
  • Monthly Fire Pump run test with report
  • Annual Fire Pump test with report & certification label
  • Five year Fire Pump test with report & certification label
  • Wet and Dry Standpipe testing with report & certification label
  • Fire Hydrant annual and five year test with report
  • Services required by CSFM Title 19/NFPA 25 California Edition

Your fire extinguishers are only as effective as the people using them. We provide fire extinguisher education and training for your employees, as required by OSHA, and have various presentations to offer. Our newest presentation utilizes an environmentally friendly fire simulator.

Fire Alarm, Fire suppression, CO2,
Clean Agent systems

Regular maintenance is an important part of your fire protection plan. Jorgensen Company provides services such as Inspection, Testing, Maintenance and Repairs for not only the brands we install, but most other major brands as well.

Restaurant and Commercial Kitchen
Fire Protection

Semi-Annual Preventative Maintenance on commercial Kitchen Fire Systems is required by State law. Jorgensen Company can service, repair and upgrade almost any brand of automatic fire suppression system for restaurant and commercial kitchen applications.

Hydrostatic pressure testing of cylinders

As registered DOT testing site, we test many different types of high pressure cylinders including fire extinguishers, SCBA tanks, carbon dioxide beverage tanks, SCUBA tanks, oxygen bottles, breathing air cylinders, and nitrogen cylinders. We also test all other types of wheel units and restaurant system cylinders.

Jorgensen Company offers
  • Computer generated Work Orders to insure the work is done when it’s due
  • 24-hour emergency service
  • Radio dispatched trucks
  • High Quality services and products
  • Monthly and Quarterly inspections available
  • Employee owned – We care