Key Steps To Improve Manufacturing Safety

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Safety is a critical element that should never be compromised. However, it can be easy to overlook precautionary protocols and procedures in a fast-paced and rapidly changing environment, such as the manufacturing industry.

Since 1932, Jorgensen Company has been a leading provider of safety solutions, offering top-notch protection and emergency products. We also provide various industries with comprehensive safety, fire protection, design, and installation services.

The Jorgensen Company Advantage

Manufacturing facilities house an array of valuable assets, machinery, hazardous materials, and a large workforce. Consequently, the potential for fire incidents is substantial, emphasizing the importance of prioritizing fire safety measures. Selecting the right company for their service, design, and installation is critical. This is where Jorgensen Company stands out as a top choice. Our knowledgeable and experienced staff can assist in the design, installation and service of Fire Sprinkler, Fire Alarm and Fire Suppression Systems.

✓ NFPA Standards and Title 19

The NFPA Standards encompass a set of regulations designed to mitigate fire-related risks across diverse environments. By aligning with these standards, Jorgensen Company ensures a systematic approach to fire safety, covering everything from prevention and preparedness to response and recovery. Similarly, Title 19 delineates specific protocols for fire prevention, suppression, and safety measures.

✓ Regulatory Excellence

Regulatory excellence signifies adept adherence to established industry guidelines and standards. This entails compliance with legal frameworks, safety protocols, and quality benchmarks. Jorgensen Company demonstrates regulatory excellence by prioritizing both legal obligations and ethical responsibilities.

✓ Tailored Solutions

Our team offers customized fire protection solutions tailored to individual facilities’ distinct requirements. We conduct comprehensive evaluations to craft systems that provide the best possible safeguarding against different types of risks. This commitment to personalization ensures that each facility’s specific needs are met effectively.

✓ Premium Fire Safety Products

Jorgensen Company is a certified distributor for  reputable manufacturers in the fire protection industry. We not only sell premium fire safety products but also incorporate them in the systems we install. This ensures that manufacturing companies opting for our solutions can have confidence in the reliability and durability of the products we provide.

✓ Continuous Maintenance and Support

We recognize the essential need for consistent upkeep of fire protection systems to ensure proper operation during critical moments. That’s why we provide continuous maintenance and support services, underscoring our dedication to system longevity and reliability.

✓ Rapid Response

We boast rapid response times and dependable support in case of issues or emergencies. With a responsive team ready to address concerns promptly, manufacturing businesses can find reassurance in Jorgensen Company’s commitment to timely and effective solutions.

✓ Established Reputation

Jorgensen Company has a well-established reputation for excellence within the fire protection industry. Our history of successful projects and contented clients positions us as a reliable option for manufacturers seeking to bolster their fire safety strategies. This solid track record demonstrates our credibility and reliability in delivering effective solutions.

✓ High-Quality Safety Equipment

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) safeguards workers from workplace hazards and potential injuries. Jorgensen Company offers a range of high-quality PPE, including either ANSI Certified or NIOSH Approved items, helping to achieve OSHA compliance This ensures that the equipment meets stringent safety standards and effectively protects employees from various workplace dangers.

Partner With Jorgensen Company for the Best Manufacturing Safety Solutions

Jorgensen Company provides safety training and compliance with qualified professionals! We also offer customized training sessions that can be conducted at our customers’ selected locations. Our training classes cover various topics, including (but not limited to) fall protection, respiratory training, lockout tagout, mobile equipment training, fire extinguisher, CPR, and first aid.

Some of our safety services include inspections and application assistance for fall protection equipment, safety showers and eyewash, and gas detection equipment. Jorgensen Company has become a valued resource in the Central Valley for their expertise and exceptional turn around time for gas monitor calibrations and repairs.

We also provide an array of protective equipment and safety products designed to ensure manufacturing workers’ safety! Our product range includes supplied air respiratory equipment, protective workwear, eye protection products, fire extinguishers, fire sprinkler and alarm systems, fall protection, first aid, and more.

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