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Jorgensen Fit Testing Services:

According to safety regulations Fit Testing must be performed initially before employees start working in hazardous environments or for employees who are required to wear a N95 respirator within the medical and education fields. It is also required that employees be fit tested annually to stay in compliance with regulations. Not only does fit testing keep your company in compliance but it ensures that your employees are safe from any airborne containments that can cause injury or sickness.

What is Fit Testing?

Fit Testing is a type of testing that ensures that a respirator your employee is using is safe and free for any type of leaks or defects. All testing meets CDC regulations for safety.

Jorgensen provide two types of on-site fit testing – qualitative and quantitative. Qualitative Fit Testing is used for N95 masks and some half mask respirators. This type of fit testing uses a non-toxic and odorless smoke to ensure that the mask or respirator is fitting correctly.

Additional Fit Testing Requirements:

Before fit testing can be done it is highly recommended that your company have a respiratory program in place. This is typically found in your companies IIPP (injury, illness and prevention program).

In addition, before a person can be tested, they must be clean shaven and must undergo a medical evaluation to verify that they are able to wear a respirator.

Medical Evaluations:

Sending your employees to a clinic or doctor to get medically evaluated can take time. Precious work hours away from your company.

The 3M is:

·      a web-based interactive questionnaire, which gives you immediate notification of the medical evaluation results.

·      Evaluations can be taken 24 hours/day 7 days/week from any computer with internet access.

·      The expanded OSHA Respirator Medical Evaluation Questionnaire incorporates work conditions and respirator and other types.

·      Board Certified occupational medicine physicians complete the reviews and, when necessary, make recommendations for medical follow-up.

Click here : OSHA Respirator Medical Evaluation Questionnaire | Respiratory Protection | 3M – US

Respiratory Protection:

Jorgensen is an authorized 3M distributor and provides a full line of respirators with half- or full-facepiece options to help protect against both particulates and/or gases and vapors. Our respirators are in stock and available for same day pickup!


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